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a surprisingly bright vale of tears.
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Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
5:52 am
1 week of playing human down
The game is still going strong. I ran to the grocery Saturday evening during the hour of the greatest delta T. I figured the psychological impact on a rapid temperature decline would be nice, even though it was still pretty damn hot. On arriving at the grocery store I found that sweating profusely and being in public did not go hand in hand. "what you been doin, you been playin tennis or something?" Honestly, who gives a shit. "what you been runnin for, you already skinny"

My connection to society is fading even further. On the plus side, I put a huge albeit thin steak into my pile that evening. It was fantastic. The incubation of reclining on a back in hot weather seems to have no effect on the quality of anything purchased so far- which is good.

I got up bright and early on Sunday morning to go to the grocery again. Kroger claims to open at 6:00, but the doors were locked tight and there wasn't a soul in sight. I changed the routine up and walked across the street to Walmart instead. Grabbed one of those huge oatmeal bucket things + the assortment of fruits and vegetables. Suffice to say it was a well fed day.

Apart from the oatmeal, I ran out of food yesterday evening so another run it was. Grabbed $14 in fruits and vegetables. No stupid comments experienced- though there were wacko drivers that think screaming out windows is the jive thing to do. There were also obese smoking hippies sitting outside the coffee shop by Kroger. One was playing a guitar and the other was bobbing his head. How bizarre, or I suppose it's more typical. Effing hippies. I didn't think this town would be the place to find them, though I suppose coffee shops are like bug zappers to bugs, except they don't zap. =\

All of this time spent on the street is leaving me with a feeling I haven't felt since selling books. It's a sense of freedom, knowing the map, having a goal, and being on foot. Not so much living on the streets but making do with being on the streets. I particularly loved the trip to walmart at just past 6 am. The road were empty- getting to run across a barren highway in more or less daylight was quite nice. That empty world and free to wander feeling is definitely worth the run.

There's a triathlon this weekend. I'm debating putting the running rule on hold for a few days. My legs feel remarkably good, but sore. Definitely need some serious recovery time sometime between now and Saturday.

Weight is consistently lingering just below 190, still waiting to break through this plateau.
Saturday, August 14th, 2010
3:04 pm
they don't call it catching...
I had to make an amendment to the rules last night. Purchase of liquids via car is legit... Way too damn heavy and I'm not drinking silt water. Came home with 6 gallons distilled water, 1 gallon milk, and a 6 pack of Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat.

Three mile run this morning went smoothly. I tried my hand at fishing afterwards- it was a gamble between spending a little money on bait and potentially coming back with something pro, or just hitting up a farmer's market. Suffice to say I came back beyond dehydrated and empty handed. Temperature was 97 and still rising when I got home around noon so I'm going to have to wait it out till it cools off to make a run for food. With 3 miles already on the legs- it's going to be interesting. On the plus side I've got plenty of time to figure out what I need to get.

Total calorie intake today is a beer- perhaps this is why our ancestors came up with it. Not just as a safe hydration source, but to offset the feeling of hunger when necessary. It's quite effective.
Friday, August 13th, 2010
12:33 pm
the swim
Sliced the 100 yard swim in 1:08- much lower than anticipated. Which is good. This is about 3mph, which some people swim in open water for in excess of an hour. It's quite disturbing that some people are that damn strong. Krikey.
Thursday, August 12th, 2010
7:43 pm
My favorite tree
I haven't logged on here in forever- which is okay. I suspect there's no one out there as well, and that's okay too. I only post here because I'm too lazy to create a new account. There is little to no continuity between now, and my prior college/high school years so I won't even try converging the two. Suffice to say I'm out, working, alone, and bored. My life is more or less focused on open water swimming and triathlons. All this training led to a whole lot of eating, so I came up with a little game-

The Survivalist

Rule 1: Caveman Diet, i.e. only vegetables, fruits, roots, nuts, and once touched meat
Rule 2: No eating out at restaurants, ever
Rule 3: Grocery store may only be accessed on foot (farmer's markets and hunting/fishing may be accessed by car)

I'm not sure why, but i feel inclined to log this ridiculous.. game? on livejournal. I guess I just want something to believe in, and all I really want to believe is that I'm still human. The species we are and the way we live is out of sync. i.e. obesity being more or less normal these days. So yes, this is the product of redefining boredom- a human trying to become human in every aspect. Maybe someday I'll kill an animal with a spear, doubtful, but this game definitely feels like a step in the right direction.

I had a decent run this morning, took me 19 minutes to get to the grocery. It was 6:00 when I arrived, but the doors were still locked. None of the employees have any interest in checking out customers at that hour; you have to go to self checkout and wait for assistance. My neighbor tells me that he applied to work there out of desperation- and the manager told him that he had a waiting list of excellent employee candidates that was 50+ persons strong- which sounds realistic given the current job market. This of course only adds insult to injury. To be fair, it seems like this is a common problem at a lot of places in town- rather anywhere with shitty wages.

I've been playing semi-survivalist this week. I had a few cans of tuna and chicken in my cabinet that I've been relying on for protein. Not exactly following the rules, but a man's got to learn to play I suppose. Suffice to say the dishes prepared were edible, but disgusting. Using a couple jars of jalapeno slices and about an about to expire bottle of parmesan cheese, I made tuna con crap. It was awful, but all the more motivating to thrive in the mornings.

Tuesday's trip to the grocery was definitely a wake up call. I clocked the route at slightly over 1 mile driving a few days before, however this distance does not appear to be accurate. Either that, or I'm running exceptionally slower than my tri pace. I grabbed some bananas and carrots and bolted for the checkout given that my time was short. They fit very nicely in my small backbag. The food was easy to run with, but definitely not a sufficient quantity. I arrived back at the apartment at 6:38.

It's quite rewarding undergoing physical labor knowing that at the end of it you get to eat. Real food. Scraping from what's left in the apartment results in dabbing spices in the palm and licking. I know this because that's exactly what I did. =\ There was that study though, that declared mechanical labor as opposed to creative "puzzling" gave the strongest "will" so to speak, for the end reward. I plan to use this mechanical repetition of running to the grocery to keep my attitude in check- and the survivalist game going.

As I sit here now, I'm debating killing my cable. They send me junk mail weekly trying to get me to pay for a land line phone. They also have telemarketers calling my cell phone pushing for land line phone service, which leads me to believe this is a grand scheme to open a new portal for additional telemarketers. Oh, and they jacked up my monthly bill by $9 a month with no explanation. Aside from all of this- I feel the internet rots my brain and also serves as a money sink. I got myself into this mess due to money- I suppose it would be logical to treat this symptom in addition to the excessive food bill I've been maintaining since I moved here. How does one get a food bill almost equal to his rent? (never going out to eat I might add) I honestly have no intention of figuring out how- my only interest is figuring out how to end it.

Anyways, this morning's grab was 3 pears, bananas, carrots, and a small container of oats. Honestly the oats feel like cheating. I could feel the carbohydrate stuffed flakes invigorating the body almost immediately. Wonderful feeling, but no way to drop 10 more pounds. Worst of all, there's still plenty more left.

The increased food quantity was tough to stuff into the bag, but easily managed on the run. The backpack forces smooth running, else it bobs all over the place, which is quite a nuisance. There's no food run tomorrow morning; we're doing timed 100's in swim class. Last year's time was 1:23. If the water was cool, I'd aim for 1:12 this year, but I'm afraid weather.com predicts no rain in sight. I'll try convincing my brain that the lower viscosity will offset the heat handicap. I've still got a banana and pear left, so I should be alright. I still need to figure out a decent protein source that is still pleasant after a hot 20 minute trip outdoors back home.
Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
10:05 pm
lol wut
Well. It's been well over a year since I last updated my livejournal.

I'm back in class at Mississippi State.

The day before I left for school, I went to the vortex spring. It was there that I found out that I did indeed develop a small phobia of water. One day at the pool this previous summer, there were hardly any patrons, so naturally the lifeguards were just screwing around, myself included. One of our favorite pastimes was trying to swim across the pool and back (50 yards) without coming up for air. The furthest I would ever make it would be 10-15 yards short of the wall. It was practically the end of the season, and I really wanted to do it at least once, so I told one of the guards to push me back under when I started to come up for air. He agreed. So, I swim across, no sweat. I start swimming back, and then bam, the pain becomes too much. I glance over and see the guard's feet angled perfectly to pounce me when I try to come back up, so I skipped the whole trying to breathe thing and kept on going. I only really remember one more stroke. The next thing I knew, I was slumped over a guard who was shouting my name trying to get me to wake up. Supposedly, I was about 3 feet short before I went limp. They pulled me up out of the water, stood for a moment, went limp again... Lawlz. I came to eventually though. Good times, good times.
Anyways, for about a week or so after the incident, I had a slight pain in my chest. It was amplified at the vortex when I would go about 20 or so feet under and look up, like I was afraid I'd pass out at any second or something. Nothing too major, as it didn't hinder my swimming too much. None-the-less, it's something I've got to keep in mind from here on. = \ Oh death, you saucy minx.
My wristband from the vortex is still on my wrist. I've got no idea how it's lasted this long. It's been damn near two weeks, and it appears to be made of paper... This thing is freakin durable. I suppose I'll let it set on my wrist till it decides to die. Vortex is a good thing to be reminded of every once in a while. I suppose the logo attached to one of my limbs suffices as a monument to my last day of freedom.
After the vortex, my parents took myself and the gang + Edward to a restaurant. Conveniently placed birthday ftw. I wasn't fully aware of how nice a place it'd be. I suppose the parents bitching about our lack of "business casual" dress should of been a dead give-away. Anyways, the bill was three hundred and something dollars and I now compare everything I eat to what I had at that place. Man does food suck. It's okay though. I'm on a Randyman diet here at school. I eat raw spinach leaves and carrot sticks for lunch and dinner. It's nauseating, and I'm not entirely sure why I do it, but I can say that I do feel "healthier" so to speak...

Classes are okay. I'm taking 15 hours this semester. I think the most interesting class I've got is Chemical Industrial Microbiology. I kinda picked it at random as my CHE elective. It has proven to be a very entertaining choice. The professor discusses life and how we use life to execute reactions... neat stuff.
So yeah. I applied for a private room in Evans or Suttle, or a double in Evans. So... naturally State stuck me in a double in Hathorn. I think Hathorn would be my second to last choice of dorm simply because it's a symmetrical clone of my freshmen year dorm. Countless stories and nightmares still haunt my mind from that freshman year... Like the time some idiot decided to attempt the gallon challenge with choclate milk right outside me and Jarrod's room. I could go on and on, like the time someone manged to puke on the first floor, get in the elevator (still puking), get off on the second floor and still manage to stain the carpet with more puke. Wowie. Anyways, contrary to previous years, Hathorn is primarily an upperclassmen dorm. It was recently renovated, and is kinda nice. No more dozen 18 year old males giving director's commentaries to pornos in the room next door. Whew. My roommate isn't too bad. He played a hunter in WoW. Granted he has long since quit the game, hunter equals cool in my book.
Mhmm. I got to run the pool this summer. There was a substantial pay raise involved. So yeah. School is mostly paid for. I bought a new computer and holy crap. I've been missing out. I pwn noobs to no end now. Oddly enough my old laptop's monitor fell off, (almost literally...) a few days after I got my new computer. I tihnk Dells are engineered to self-destruct once they're replaced. Overall, I'd say the job was great simply because working at a pool is nothing but an XD work day do yeah. I did have to fire one employee though. =\ That was a bizarre experience. Anyways, summer complete. No deaths, only a couple serious injuries, and countless stupid excuses for incident reports. I hate paperwork. A summer done. Oh yeah, I finally got WSI certified. The seabee base even paid for the class. Once again, XD.

So, enough bullshitting. Tomorrow is another day.

zombie talk, bookman walk.

Monday, April 10th, 2006
11:29 pm
target destroyed
I went and saw V for Vendetta. It was very creepy. Mostly because to a certain extent, it's happening right now.

I've gotten to the point where when I look at my watch for the time, I cannot recall what I read. Only that it's not time for whatever I'm waiting for. It feels like my brain is dying and surviving off of instincts. Quite painless, but shallow as well. I blame college. "It's not just the things you learn, but the people you meet." Relationships in college are short and meaningless and usually only serve the purpose of achieving a good grade or resume material. Outside time with friends is short and often feels forced because that's just the way it is. Fraternities push for a brotherhood to cover this lack of connection only to chuck you into the financial commitment seasonal wind. Overall connection is for lack of a better word, undead. I find my observations quite depressing. I want to get out of here. Wowie, there's a thought.

I've been getting the letter "M" stuck in my head a lot lately. I guess it's mostly due to my being done with the letter "L."

Me and Kevin have discovered the frisbee golf course on campus. It is most excellent. I'd say it's far better than the paul b. johnson one simply because there's a 0% chance of losing your frisbee in water. That, and the terrain is neat, and is kept up with nicely. We're getting pretty good. /roar

I've lately become intrigued by facebook. Mostly because it's so damn popular, but I can't figure out why. I've got my profile thingy, and there's people I know on there, and um. yeah. It's almost like a people silo for the internet, like in the amusement parks. Anyways, I replaced my portrait with the time travel fad 80's mullet guy. I find it quite humorous. One of these days I'm going to figure that site out.

so, yah. I think I'm going to backtrack a year or two and look for writing inspiration. Holy crap, I'm about to travel back in time. I'm going to bring my own weapons too.
Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
10:47 pm
good luck
I have a sudden urge to strangle Alan Rickman. (year 6 complete)

I don't really have much to say as there really isn't much going on. None the less, I lack life therefore I must dwell on a long lost past time known as livejournal. So yeah, amen.

I'm starting to wonder if self programming is healthy. I've found the best way to hide an action is to be asleep, wake up with a jolt, perform the action, and then go straight back to sleep. It becomes nothing more than a dream and is forgotten with unusual ease. This method of controlling ones thoughts seems to apply with my aftershocks from reading books. Attributes of the story plug in and affect the workings of my brain. The point is, last night in the theater when there was an awkward moment of silence between me and a stranger, my brain was narrating the tension and how to go about being witty. I guess it's one of those shells of brilliance that some people have, but unfortunately I do not. It was fun while it lasted though. It's all a bit tragic really because I'm out of reading material. I don't think my brain is meant for massive clumps of stuff. Just the little tidbits over time to build something grand but completely unnoticed when times up.

I tried reinstalling Alice to no avail. I get some damn error every time it launches. As a result, I haven't touched a computer game in quite a while now, excluding a brief test drive on Oblivion. I guess that's a good thing.

Looks your way apprehensively, what would you like your tombstone to say?

To that, my answer is "it's the other half's turn."

I think I'm going to go work on the ever cliched "save the world" story now. Saving the world is always good fun.
Saturday, April 1st, 2006
4:43 pm
Just ripped my way through the order of the phoenix at an unhealthy speed. I've developed a mild case of brain chatter as a result. It's where my brain keeps reading lines.. even though I'm not reading. It fades with time though, so it's okay. Kind of odd though, I've got a voice blabbing in my brain. I guess the most important thing to do is ignore it.

Anyways, I recently saw a massive spider on my wall, roughly 18 inches above where my head is when I sleep. I promptly smashed it into oblivion and thought nothing more of the incident. A few days later, a frat brother of mine is unable to attend our stuff do to a brown recluse spider bite. This piqued my curiosity, not knowing what a brown recluse looked like. So I go to google, and see a picture identical to the spider I smashed on my wall. Mhmm. Now I've got a mysterious earache which I believe to be the result of baby spiders waiting for hatching. It is quite disturbing. The pain is light, but the mental agony of my imagination is grueling. What the hell was a massive brown recluse doing in my dorm room? Good ole Evans.

I'd go swimming but there's lifeguard training this weekend, and I'd feel really awkward being around for it. That, and they likely have all the lap lanes dedicated to the class. What to do... I suppose I could go to Swalm and try to accomplish something.

I made recent discovery at the frats at bat tournament. It was that pitching a softball underhand is actually an extreme workout. Either that, or I'm really that weak. By the third game, I couldn't pitch strikes, and was quite miserable. The following day, my tricep felt like an acid silo. A few days later after the pain subsided, I tried pitching again. It was quite remarkable. I aimed for the gap between my bed and the wall and shot the ball perfectly in from the other side of the room. Freaked out, I tried it again with the same results. I don't toss softballs in my room anymore.

Friday, March 24th, 2006
11:12 pm
Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
10:06 pm
Captain Hook's eyes glow red for about half a second in Peter Pan when he goes for the killing blow. I never noticed that until recently. I thought it was neat.

In Return of the Jedi when Luke tells Vader he'll die if he takes his mask off, Vader says "nothing can stop that now." I had yet to put that line to revenge of the sith, and now I think it is also neat.

I was recently assigned to an intramural soccer team. I can safely say that my soccer experience is next to zero. After two games, I have been assigned the position of goalie. And after tonight, I've concluded that the team hates me. There isn't a more brutal position in any other sport out there. The ground was completely water logged, so I figured it'd be a gentle job. Within 2 minutes I was drenched in cold mud. My legs got torn up, despite the ground only being mud, and my hands aren't functioning correctly. Likely due to the trauma impacts of that damn ball. Tomorrow I'm expected to play in the game as goalie on firm grass ground. Kill me now. I'm guessing no one wanted to play the position, so they'd stick the guy that didn't know anything about the sport in as bitch boy. I don't know. See you in hell I guess.

Andrew says he wants to get Limbo fired back up now that warcraft is officially history. And oh my, it's looking good. Still no reply from Carl though. 7 months and counting!

I'm reading the Harry Potter books now. Shame on me. I hate that I'm starting to like them. I guess that's life.
Thursday, February 9th, 2006
6:40 pm
I'm sorry I'm not sorry
I have found internet forums to be more entertaining than livejournal. There are several reasons why.

I have found that livejournal people tend to disagree with you or your tone, regardless of what you say, or how you say it. See what I just did there? I stereotyped livejournal people as all being liberal "open minded" critical asshats. Therefore, I would be bashed for doing so. On goof off forums, it's okay to say what you want to say because that's just the way it is. Competing for shock value for the win! Best of all, you can yell "P3N1S LOL" and instantly gain respect. There's also a lot more variety out there on the forums. You get to see "trolls" and whatnot. A fascinating species they are. Sometimes, the moderators even let you put on the troll outfit. Boy is it funny making people whine about being politically correct!

So. Livejournal has proven to be quite dull. That is my reasoning for an absence.

So. It's story time now!

I'm standing in a hallway with several of my classmates, waiting for the current group in our classroom to leave. (this is morning hours, students walking by continuously) A professor walks out of another classroom and asks me, of the ten other people standing around waiting for the same classroom to open up, if I'm waiting on a class.

Which translated means "who the fuck are you and what are you doing here?"

I don't fit in so well.

Especially on livejournal. Thinking open minded is thinking weak. =0
Thursday, January 19th, 2006
11:55 am
Another semester is here. Joy fun.

When the class was asked "how do we pump crude oil out of the ground if its viscosity is to high?" there were several intelligent responses. All of which were correct. The solution that popped into my head was a "bungee bailing" team. Using the hole drilled down to the oil, you equip people with bungee cords and buckets. They fall down the shaft, scoop thick crude oil into the bucket, and then bungee-spring back up to the surface with a bucket of oil.

And people ask why I'm so quiet... Some things are just better left unsaid.

The good news about this semester is that I don't have a single Asian professor. I hate Asian grading. Anyone that thinks missing a negative sign out of a page and a half of correct method work is worth half credit should be shot. I hate you all.

I've got a private room this semester. Warcraft no longer runs on my computer. I need to get w.s.i. certified somewhere. I hope the Sanderson center can do it. I suppose I should learn how to swim first. hm. Still an anomaly, I see. I'd feel out of place if I wasn't.

Oh yes. I went to the fraternity province workshop recently. I had a couple things pop into my head there, and that was the amount of religion in our video games. But the thing is, it doesn't really seem like religion. It just seems like it is, because that is what it is. Almost like religion is the pile of shit that we have created to cover up what's really there.

Divine Aura? Inner Fire? Both are spells from games I've played. I find this humorous. It's all about repetition. And this is damn repetitive.

It's kind of ironic when I think about it. The brain is a big pile of goo. When removed from a person, it would decompose into a pile of shit. The brain is more of a receptor to thought, than a creator. Therefore, the brain is a pile of shit on top of what is. That inner fire, that essence, that thought that can only be explained by what was experienced and not by what was there. Like music, the language of the gods.

I found an old c.d. I made back when I was a freshman. I must say, I had poor tastes in music. For about half of it I guess. I like my new stuff. It is good.
Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
11:32 pm
playing drama is like playing video games
My computer runs freakin slow now that it's wearing a bulletproof condom. Internet security programs suck.

I might have a funny story to post someday. I'm looking forward to class tomorrow morning. It's the class where ripples between this world and another converge into quick moments of embarrassment. Now to find out how it's only going to get worse.

Tonight was strange. A guy explained a drama situation to me and I just didn't care. It even went completely over my head as to how this kind of drama could draw into the "real world" this semester. I officially feel drama sheltered. The bad news is that it has made me dumber in some aspects.

I'm not liking where this post is going. I'll conclude with some good news. I'm thinking I'm going to go on a killing spree this weekend. In honor of Halloween, I'm going to go to 13 different towns, and kill 13 people in each town, and then escape before the retaliation arrives. That'll total to a whopping 169 kills. If they're all civvies... muwhahahaha. That'd be awesome. Yeah, I'm speaking of the crack. What can I say, it's fun. Going to raise some hell, kick some ass, and do it all in the name of Red Team.
Monday, October 24th, 2005
11:38 am
It is officially cold outside today. This is the kind of weather that punches me the most. It's like a constant bite into my nerves reminding me that I'm alive. I prefer to walk around campus on autopilot. This weather also makes me want to run around outside with a foam beating stick. With either thought process I think I'll be alright as it is very different from the yesterday. Halloween is coming up. I suppose that used to be a cool holiday back in the day, but not anymore... Thanksgiving is coming up. A freebie holiday it is. And Christmas... I don't do Christmas very well. I suppose you could say I'm tired of it. Weird. All of the mass holidays are bunched together nicely. My mom said that there's more depression cases in areas with a lot of rainfall in the climate. I wonder if the same concept applies to cold weather where we use holidays to try and raise everyone's spirits. And there's no need for holidays in the summer, as it's already fun weather. Intelligent design... keeping us happy with cleverly timed holidays. I suppose I can refrain from griping about the sun rising and setting.
Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
11:40 pm
do you believe?
I'm eating spinach leaves from the bag again. They just keep getting better and better.

As of earlier today, the biggest thing that I've learned from the internet is that ones and zeroes will never last forever. I'm not so sure anymore.

I'm not feeling very healthy today.

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Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
8:08 pm
for sure.
I went home for part of this weekend for fall break. The roof is officially rebuilt so I guess that's good. I got the fence out of the back yard. That is also good. Katrina bent the poles up down like freakin paper clips. Quite impressive to say the least. And poor Florida. The entire gulf of mexico seems to have been hit by hurricanes this year. That is also impressive. We just need wilma to chisel away the rest of our morale.

I walked into my dorm today and found my damn roommate's brother on my computer. They were trying to do some tribes multiplayer or something. Do they even bother asking if they can use my computer? nope. They just install a game and play away. "Moocher" doesn't really seem to quite cover the two of them. But I guess that's okay. Maybe I should go for a private room next semester. I'm not mean enough to break a roommate.

Norton Internet Security is a humorous security system. It reminds me of that golden retriever from that one episode of Dexter's Laboratory. It's constantly flashing itself saying "oh my god! I need to scan!" Then I let it scan. Two minutes later, it's like "holy crap! it's been 2 minutes! there might be a virus! I gotta scan!" It's obsessive compulsive or something. I guess it's not as bad as actually having a virus on my machine, so it's okay.
Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
10:26 pm
birdies with feathers suck.
After weeks and weeks of messing with the satellite pictures, I finally found the one of my neighborhood! Hooray. (house is a little above the dead center of the picture, look for the light blue speck in the backyard. That's what was left of my sister's pool)

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5:09 pm
how many quarters does it take?
Sometimes getting outran feels great. One of my professors approached me today and we spoke for a few minutes before class. It was weird because I felt so unsurprised that he would need to talk to me. Like it was one of those inevitable things. I'm an anomaly in the CHE program. I can't walk around Swalm without getting looked at like I used to have leprosy or something. But I'm okay with it. And that is all that matters. Someday I'll crack. I'm just not sure what kind of noise I'll make when I do.

Kevin's a bastard. In the singles badminton tournament me and him were supposed to play Monday night. I couldn't make it as it was right on top of my softball game. Kevin couldn't make it because he was playing video games... Last night when we were playing badminton, the supervisor guy walks in and talks to Kevin. I had just beat Kevin 4 games in a row, just prior to the supervisor walking up to us. Supervisor tells Kevin that he was supposed to play a "Beets" guy last night but he didn't show. So, since Kevin's here tonight, it looks like he gets to advance. Kevin, your next game is at 6:30. That's ten minutes from now. Kevin says okay to Kevin vs. Beets being a forfeit so that he can advance. I didn't get any input at all. Now that's what I call a bastard! I'm thinking I'm going to sabotage our doubles game tonight. muwhahahaha.

My roommate said "still holding out?" to me. I thought it was funny. Little does he realize that I uninstalled that p.o.s. game today and I'm never going back! muwhahaha. It sounds like he's been hanging out at someone else's room to continue exposure to it though.

Current Mood: content
Monday, October 10th, 2005
9:35 pm
bang bang
I pitched pretty good tonight. I only walked one guy. We lost 45 to 0 though. Yes, we were playing softball, and we lost forty-five to zero. Wowie. We got to experience the rule where if a team hits the ball over the fence more than 6 times, they count as outs. We got 2 freebie outs because they hit the ball over the fence.. For some reason the word massacre just doesn't seem to cut it. I feel as though my dignity has been stripped from me and sewn into a tutu.

I had spinach leaves and carrot sticks for supper tonight. I'm feeling like a gagging peachy bunny rabbit. It feels great.

Current Mood: nauseated
5:13 pm
Strombolli's best
You know what I really like about my brain is how random it is. I can't really come up with ideas on my own. They just kind of pop in there, and if I don't have pencil and paper on me, I'm shit out of luck. Then I begin to wait for the next poof.

Sometimes I feel like writing on this journal is like pumping dye into a corpse to keep the colors more alive looking. The good news about the corpse is that it was presoaked in formaldehyde to begin with and I get to wear a ventilator while working on it. The bad news is that the glass casing around the carcass broke. But it's okay. The tombstone says it all. I may not be famous for planning what I'd write on it, but at least it'll be the best it can be, because I took the time to engrave what I really wanted people to remember of me.

I got to pitch in the softball game last night. You want to talk about a weird game... slow pitch pitching is freakin bizarre. At the beginning of the game I was pitching horribly, yet scoring a few quasi-strikes now and then. As a result, the ball wouldn't be in the optimum place and the opposing teams hits wouldn't be as solid. By the final inning, I was plopping the ball right over the plate, and boy did the team let them rip. Moral of the story: don't practice and you'll be the best you can be? Oh yeah, and get 2 pitchers to alternate innings so you don't accidentally get good at it. What a neat game. It kinda contradicts life as we know it.
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